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No Man's Land 22 (1998)

The first pairing was okay largely due to the incredible beauty of Taylor St. Claire. She also did a surprisingly erotic bit on Angelica Sinn's pussy with a long strand of fake pearls. The next coupling had some pleasurable oral sequences and was pretty lively overall, though again toys took over. The third scene was the best as it starred luscious Taylor Moore and pretty Mandi Frost. The set-up was nice as two lovers are stranded at the office during a torrential rainstorm on their one year anniversary. Taylor Moore is very sexy and obviously loves the ladies and this scene is no exception. There's some pleasant kissing and caressing to start things off with and the ladies enjoyed each other enough I didn't mind the inevitable toy use. The best part was when Taylor's oral technique literally catches Mandi by surprise as to how pleasurable it turned out. The romantic insinuations added to this coupling.


  • Angelica Sin [LezOnly]
  • Cheyenne Silver [LezOnly]
  • Gina Ryder [LezOnly]
  • Heaven Leigh [LezOnly]
  • Katie Gold [LezOnly]
  • Lilly Lynn [LezOnly]
  • Mandi Frost [LezOnly]
  • Taylor Moore [LezOnly]
  • Taylor St. Claire [LezOnly]
  • Teri Starr [LezOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Angelica Sin, Taylor St. Claire
  • Scene 2. Katie Gold, Lilly Lynn
  • Scene 3. Mandi Frost, Taylor Moore
  • Scene 4. Angelica Sin, Teri Starr
  • Scene 5. Gina Ryder, Heaven Leigh, Cheyenne Silver

No Man's Land 27 (1999)

The hair, makeup, lingerie and lighting are all flattering and the settings are all comfortable situations you would imagine are conducive to good sex, ie. on beds or comfortable furniture, not draped across cars or hard outdoor surfaces. The "cinematography" (if that's the appropriate term in a porn flick) is very good and the title sequence, unusually for a porn video was very erotic, little glimpses of the action put together in a sexy way

There's a funny kind of story-line behind the scenes. Tiffany: Our heroine a lesbian writer, complains that "girls just don't know how to eat pussy anymore" and puts this down to overuse of dildos etc. in porn and not enough hugging, kissing and 69-ing, (to which I would say "hear hear'!) This "no toys" message is not exactly consistent as toys are present in all scenes apart from the last!


  • Alicia Stone [LezOnly]
  • Ashley Renee [NonSex]
  • Ava Vincent [LezOnly]
  • Bunny Luv [LezOnly]
  • Gail Monique [LezOnly]
  • Kristen [LezOnly]
  • Monique DeMoan [LezOnly]
  • Norma Jeane [LezOnly]
  • Temptress [LezOnly]
  • Tiffany Mynx [LezOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Monique DeMoan, Tiffany Mynx
  • Scene 2. Alicia Stone, Gail Monique, Norma Jeane
  • Scene 3. Bunny Luv, Temptress
  • Scene 4. Ashley Renee
  • Scene 5. Ava Vincent, Kristen
  • Scene 6. Temptress, Tiffany Mynx

No Man's Land 29 (1999)

The hard-boiled detective genre is just ripe for erotic lesbian parodies, and this one comes closer than any others I've seen to getting it right. Beautiful Natalie Bach plays the P.I. and sexy Renee LaRue the needy femme client. Good directing and a script that at least attempts to establish mood.

The best scene is the opener where Natalie and her sexy gal-pal Isabella Camille share some quality time in eye-popping lingerie. Isabella's body and sexuality make for an incredible visual treat. You just want to savor every inch of this Goddess and never stop! Other highlights include a threeway with Isabella, Renee and gorgeous Dayton Rains as well as the sensual, softer-loving tryst between Dayton and cutie Jeanie Rivers. I also liked the fact dildo use was completely absent from two scenes, and only partially employed in another.

What prevents this from being great is the trifecta of Renee, Cassidey and Allysin Chaynes. Almost the entire scene is spent with Renee riding Cassidey's fake phallus, mostly as Cassidey remains prone and Renee squats on top of it. It was a sexy as watching Nell Carter ride a mechanical bull. Yuck!

Despite the one majorly flawed outing, this is a wonderful piece of captivating lesbian erotica.


  • Allysin Chaynes [LezOnly]
  • Cassidey [LezOnly]
  • Chandler [LezOnly]
  • Dayton Rain [LezOnly]
  • Isabella Camille [LezOnly]
  • Jeanie Rivers [LezOnly]
  • Natalie Bach [LezOnly]
  • Renee LaRue [LezOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Isabella Camille, Natalie Bach
  • Scene 2. Allysin Chaynes, Cassidey, Renee LaRue
  • Scene 3. Chandler, Natalie Bach
  • Scene 4. Dayton Rain, Jeanie Rivers
  • Scene 5. Dayton Rain, Isabella Camille, Renee LaRue

No Man's Land 35 (2001)


  • Bridgette Kerkove [LezOnly]
  • Brooke Hunter [LezOnly]
  • Chandler [LezOnly]
  • Dayton Rain [LezOnly]
  • Jodie Moore [LezOnly]
  • Kitty Marie [LezOnly]
  • Ms. Kitty Kitty [LezOnly]
  • Nina Ferrari [LezOnly]
  • T.J. Hart [LezOnly]
  • Tawny Roberts [LezOnly]
  • Zana [LezOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Nina Ferrari, Tawny Roberts
  • Scene 2. Dayton Rain, Ms. Kitty Kitty
  • Scene 3. Dayton Rain, Jodie Moore, Nina Ferrari
  • Scene 4. Bridgette Kerkove, Zana
  • Scene 5. Brooke Hunter, Chandler, Kitty Marie, T.J. Hart
1> Nina & Monique. On bed. Hot panty & bra outfits. Kissing. Nude.   
Eating. Fingering. Rimjob. Ladies switch. Eating. Dildo for Nina
& Nina dildo solo. Kissing. 8.70
2> Dayton & Blonde. In livingroom. Kissing. Topless. Titty sucking.
Dayton eats her, fingers her. Tattoo on ass blonde eats Dayton.
Large leg tattoo also. Dildo & clit solo. Kissing. 8.70
3> Dayton & Nina. On sofa. Eating. Fingering. Tawnt(?) solo watching.
All 3. Toe sucking. Face sitting. Side-by-side dildo. 8.80
4> Bridgette & Zana. Bridgette smokes. On bed. Kissing. Nude. Titty
sucking. Eating. 4 fingers. Eating. Kissing. Ladies switch. Eating.
4 fingers. 8 fingers for Bridgette. Sharing dildo & clit solo.
Anal dildo for Bridgette as she does clit solo. Kissing. 8.90
5> Brooke & T.J. & Chandler & Kitty Marie. On sofa. Kissing. Making out.
Undressing. Eating. Titty sucking. Fingering. Sybian riding by
Brooke. 2-on-1 action. Kitty rides the Sybian sex machine. Face
sitting. Fingering. Kissing. 8.80
Outtakes & bloopers at end.


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