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3 Peliculas de monjas 2 italianas y 1 japonesa

3 Peliculas de monjas  2 italianas  y 1  japonesa

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Concepts 2 (1992)Directed by: Mario SalieriCast:Miss France 1985=Tennesy, Joy Karin's, Zara Whites, Miss Tomato, Gloria Rinaldi, Fabienne Dumont, Sofia Randovic, Don Fernando, Christophe Clark, Waldman Rally, Robert Malone691 MB61 Minutes512x384 pixelsis 77775



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Il Convento della perdizione (Nuns XXX)


El convento de la perdicion


School of the Holy unwanted term (1974)


Japan's most notorious Nun-Exploitation film: School Of The Holy unwanted_term (Sei Juu Gakuen) directed by sexploitation guru, Norifumi Suzuki, plunges into a maelstrom of hidden unwanted_term, secret masochistic desires, and blasphemous rites as Yumi Takigawa takes religious vows to find out what terrible things happened to her mother inside the Sacred Heart Convent. When she finds out - with the help of a lecherous archbishops, a lesbian mother superior and a line-up of fellow nuns ready to whip her (in the films most deliriously over the top scene)with a gauntlet of rose-thorns - hell is loose. Beautifully shot, a shocking unforgetable Masterpiece by the director of "Beautiful Girl Hunter" - Dario Argento meets the Marquis de Sade.Cast & Crew: Yumi Takigawa, directed by Norifumi SuzukiMPAA Rating: Not Rated - graphic violence, sexuality, unwanted_term scenesRuntime: 1 hour, 34 minutes
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old nun



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